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USBC Certified

As a certified bowling coach I have been instructing all level of bowlers for many years.


Legacy Lanes, Mt. Lebanon Lanes, Paradise Isle Bowl, West Pike Lanes, Princess Lanes, and Meadow's Casino Lanes

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Telephone 724-986-7254

Prepare For Your Lesson

Lessons are available in a one hour session or at a reduced rate with a three lesson package. All lessons include lane fee and shoe rental. Practice does not always make perfect. Many bowlers reinforce bad habits during practice. Plan to focus on proper technique to increase your average. We will help you with your mental approach to league and tournament bowling.

Lessons Include

How to change release point at foul line.

Proper span and grip.

Type of equipment to use on different lane conditions.

I use an APP called Ubersense on my IPad during lessons, that take slow motion movies and actual speed clips to show where mistakes are being made during the approach and at the release point of the bowling ball.

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Tips from Bill

The most important thing you can do as your average increases, is to find a pro-shop with a good reputation in drilling your equipment. They will let you go out on the lanes to see what best fits your game.

Zack Scheiwer is one of the best ball drillers in the pittsburg area(legacy lanes in baldwin).

Guaranteed... He is very up to date on current inovations in the Pro Shop business. Ask around you will here good things.

His Dad(my son) also has a full service awards business called ATPLazerDesign. He is located also at Legacy Lanes.

Give them a call at 412-653-3378 Ext 2

Scheiwer Bowling Heritage

Pete Scheiwer, father of Bill Scheiwer Sr pioneered bowling in Erie, PA with a four lane alley. Pete went on to operate four additional bowling establishments in Pennsylvania. Bill Scheiwer Sr operated the Park Lanes while his father & partners created the Hornel Bowl in Hornel, NY. Bill Scheiwer Jr with partners resurrected the business as Maple City Bowl. Additionally, Bill Scheiwer Jr with partners created Pittsburgh's Legacy Lanes.

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copyright Bill Scheiwer, 2009